quinta-feira, outubro 04, 2007

O metro e outro.....

O metro é uma transporte importante para me.Todos os dias vou e venho para trabalhar de metro.No metro posso ver e ouvir muitos.Preimeiro de que gosta são os pinturas na estações. O que impressiono me muito é na estação de olivais.Poruque gosta da frase lá. O que obervamos também o que significa.Isto recorda-me o artiste francês ,Rodin que também falou sobre a observação e a beleza.Mas gosta de estação de olaias e oriente também.

Today in the subway saw a beautiful woman.As i remembered only two times that i saw really beautiful woman in the subway.In fact according to the chinese standard here really can´t see the beauties so much.This woman today i saw really have a good lookings and i can´t help to looking at her many times .i think the woman notice this.In china usually in the streets we can see many good looking girls.If you had been to china this is easy to find.once time my friend asked me why can see so many women and it said in china there are more male than the female.You know why?Very easily to find the answer if you go to the internet cafe or sports stadium.Generally in china the husband don´t like to go to shopping with the wife so much.One reason is the husband need to pay for all the things and second the husband need to take all the things they buy too.And mainly in china we take this as doing sports.